chihuahua puppy found dumped by a bin

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Marie must have a “Dog in need” alert sensor inbuilt in her brain. She was off to Varna, but popped into the local vets on her way. Beside the rubbish bins she spotted this tiny Chihuahua pup shivering and clearly in distress. She rushed it to the vet and they recognised it as the pup that was brought in earlier to them unwell. The vet told them that it must come in for treatment to determine what the problem is, the people immediately left before the vet could stop them stating”they had no money for treatment”. Obviously, these people could think of no other solution or ask for help other than dumping the pup around the corner from the vet. I will reserve judgement and think positively that they decided to leave her in the hope that someone else would find her and take her for treatment. Well someone did and took responsibility and this lucky girl is now in safe hands and will soon return to the shelter to be cared for and sent overseas for a better start to life. Bless you Marie you are a real unsung heroine to this town and beyond x

Apologies for the picture quality but it had to be taken quickly as she needed to be under the heat lamp.