Gabby 15 month old Husky cross

Wonderful news Gabby Has arrived to her forever home with new mum Gillian in Plymouth. Gillian wrote ‘I think this says it all. One very spoilt doggie. She’s all I knew she would be and I thank you so much for making it happen. She is so loving and clever and I’m over the moon with her. I would like to ask you if you have any tips with regard to her feeding. She gobbles so fast and is so frantic about food. Is there any way I can slow her down so that she digests it better. I know she was starved and this is a result. I am trying to feed her small quantities more often. Is there anything else I can do?” Marie suggests putting objects such as tennis balls in a large food bowl to slow her down, also raised bowels are important to avoid inhalation of food if a dog is eating to quickly.