James – Dexter Leicester Rescue Pup

James now Dexter has arrived with his new family in Leicester, wow how he has settled in and what fun he has been having! A Tiktoc sensation over night by the looks of the hilarious videos we have received, which have had the team at Precious Paws in tears of laughter all week. Marie’s sons, Eamon and Adam have captured some wonderful moments of Dexter during his first week and with a bit of editing by Adam they are wonderful and funny to watch, keep them coming boys we love them. Thank you Marie its been a wonderful adoption and we have enjoyed our late night whatsApp chats, and look forward to many more 🙂 Adam your welcome any time to come and produce our videos, pack a bag and I’ ll get you brought over, Defra registered Track and Trace Transport, just let me know if you want a small, medium or large kennel for the journey. xxx