Jeff Rescue Pup 3-4 months old

Jeff – Ludo – Claire – Isle of Wight Well done to Claire and Jeff AKA Ludo. What a Journey, Claire was crossing the Solent from Isle of Wight to the arranged meeting point at the Portsmouth Car ferry, While Ludo was on the Eurostar Crossing into Dover. Finally, Ludo was delivered into Claire’s arms for a long awaited cuddle at 4.30am. From there it was straight onto the Car ferry back to the island, he was a bit of a celebrity on the Car ferry Claire Sent us a lovely message after just 2 days, which she is happy for us to share “Morning ! First I have to thank you for an amazing job with these dogs with these dogs, its made bonding with Ludo so easy, he is a relaxed dog just takes everything in his stride and that’s all down to you. Ludo is loving life already Knows how to sit and almost always comes every time he is called. He peed/pooped everywhere indoors the first 24hrs and once or twice outside. But yesterday I took him out every 2 -3 hours and every time he did a wee or poo I praised him and gave him a treat, since then we have had no more indoor accidents not even during the night. We went out every time he woke up and whined and morning he happily ran down stairs to do his business, he is such a fast learner. He is into everything, including chewing my phone charger and running of with my slippers, his 2 naughty things he like to do. He is eating and sleeping well his favorite spot is next to me, He knows how to wrap me right round his Paw 🙂 Thank you Claire it really great to hear all this and gives adopters to read about the ups and downs during those first few days. It takes time and you have given that to Ludo and we thank you so much for giving him the forever home he deserves x

Checking out the Garden