Maddie the lucky girl is of to a lovely home in cheltenham

Thank you Katie for adopting Maddie, She looks like a new girl and 5 years younger in that photo, and its no surprise, its wonderful that now maddie can have that one one attention all dogs deserve.

Maddie enjoying the big bed

We look forward to updating you on Maddie and her journey to her new forever home in the UK. Maddie is a mature 10 year old, but still young at heart, when we took this video she was a little nervous, as Mari had plucked her from the pound, probably thought she was off to the vets or something. She would make a lovely companion for someone mature who doesn’t have a garden she would be more than happy sat in with daily walks, lots of love and a cosy place to watch coronation street. So are you a good match with our Maddie, if yes complete the seen a dog you like form and get the ball rolling, thanks for watching.