Meet princess

Earlier this year Marie received an emergency call out to rescue “a dog with a swollen head”. In the cold and darkness of the winter night a search was launched by the light of a mobile phone. Princess was tracked to a cellar of a derelict house, but all that was visible at that time was a dog with a head twice the size of normal, two very red eyes and the sound of deep growling. When she was taken in to the light the true extent of her injures were seen and she had severe damaged to her neck. On veterinary examination it was revealed that she had three wire collars embedded in her neck, all had to surgically removed during her long hours of surgery. She was returned to live in Marie’s home to recover and allow her wounds to heal, but more importantly to learn that not all humans were going to hurt her. Princess today has made a full recovery and is a friendly, loving girl. She wears a scarf to protect her neck, although healed she has no fur grown and the area remains tender.Thank goodness we have people that care enough not to allow any animal to be left in distress. Princess is Marie’s special girl. A deep connection is formed when a very sick animal returns to health and begins to enjoy freedom for the first time probably, but if she was offered a really nice forever home Marie may be persuaded to let her go !