Moppet is Home in the uk

Good News from Moppets new Mum and Dad in the U.K “Moppet arrived 9-00ish this morning, I was out with Eddie so he has a nice ‘getting to’ know with Vanessa before meeting Eddie. He is so gorgeous and nothing shy about him, eaten a ton of chicken breast, sausage and also seems to love cheese and had a big poo in the garden! Never stops wagging his tail and now investigating Eddies toys. Little bit wary of Eddie at first but they are getting used to each other. Eddie is super friendly with all dogs. Eddie now wants to have a play, Moppie more interested in more food! We just love him to bits already. Thanks so much for him, we will keep sending photos and progress reports.A lovely life with all of your support – THANK YOU ALL from Moppet and us all xxx

Moppet now lives in Dorset and loving it already