News from moppets mum and dad in dorset


“Moppet continues to shine in the U.K and more news from Brian and Vanessa …Hi Marie You really do some great things for the homeless dogs in your area. All the dogs we meet that have come from Eastern Europe around here, and there are quite a lot, look very happy to be here and seem to have put behind them past miseries. Moppet doing great, loves the garden, house and Eddie and very affectionate with us, you would not know that not long ago he was a street dog by his manners. He’s got the hang of the dog flap now, in and out like a jet repelled rocket! We are being very cautious taking him out and been keeping him on the lead while he gets his confidence being out, when he sees things he is not sure of he wants to turn tail to get back to the car. He is very calm in the car and sits happily next to Eddie. Gets a bit nervous looking when we meet big dogs, suspect being in a dog pound and small he probably had some rough moments.Attach a couple of photos….David Bailey we are not but we will try to do better behind the lens!All the best Brian and Vanessa” THANK YOU BRIAN AND VANESSA FROM US ALL HERE XXX