Our Process of finding the perfect rescue dog 4 you

  • You have seen a dog or two you like and would like to know more – Please complete the seen a dog you like form at the bottom of page.
  • We will contact you for a video chat. This give us the opportunity to make sure you would be a good match with the dog or dogs you are interested in, also for you to ask those important questions for you. If you haven’t done a video chat before don’t worry we can help set this up for you, its easier than you think.
  • If the chosen dog turns out not to be the perfect one for you, we will continue to send you details of dogs that may just be the one.
  • If your dog choice is a perfect match for you both and you want to secure that dog, we will start the adoption process by asking you to complete the online adoption application and paying a £50 pounds holding deposit, once secured all advertising for this dog will be stopped. ( This deposit is non refundable, if you later decide not to proceed. We will only refund if we are unable to fulfill the adoption process)
  • Once this is complete we will arrange a live video meet and greet with Mari and your chosen dog, where you will be able to discuss transport dates and discuss a settling in plan and ask any further questions you may have about your new pet.
  • Once a Transport date is agreed and confirmed we will send you the Adoption agreement to sign and a request for the final payment.
  • If you would like to see some of the dogs recently rehomed and how they have got on go to our Good news where the new owners have sent us some wonderful videos of their arrival and stories of how they are getting on.
Just city or town. We don't need your full address
Please list below the details so we can connect with you on your chosen app
Facebook copy & paste your Facebook profile link: Gmail meet we need your email: Skype we need your profile link: WhatsApp your mobile number. You will receive and email confirming a booking time please check your Spam or Junk box. If you can't make the time please let us know.