Paul the love dog

Oh Wow, its amazing to receive these Video and Pictures of Paul from his new Dad Sepand in Bristol. Paul the love dog we called him, only 5 months old, a big boy already, but such a soppy Puppy, it took time for him to trust us at the shelter, but once he did he was so loving. It doesn’t look like it took Paul long to trust Sepand. Its wonderful to see he has settled so quickly. And the video of him walking on the lead really is fantastic, we did a little here in Bulgaria, but not too much we didn’t want it to be a negative – He certainly has taken to it quickly with you, just a week in and all looks amazing, thank you Sepand for giving this wonder pup a fantastic future the likes of he would never have had without youx

Out on the lead, amazing to see this , thought it would have taken longer than this. He clearly trusts you.