Prepare for your dogs arrival

Once the adoption process is finalized then it is our task to get the dog to you! To do this we use independent transport companies. All are a TYPE 2 Authorised – pet (dogs & cats) international transport companies running under Traces system. They will deliver the dogs directly to your door in 99% of cases. The dogs are collect from Precious Paws Provadia Foundation Shelter on Tuesday/ Wednesday. As they travel across Europe we are provided updates where possible. On Friday they enter the UK in Folkstone via the Eurotunnel from Calais which take 35 mins. This maybe in the evening or in the morning depending on when they leave us. We keep you updated and departure day we take a photo of all the Tails leaving. After entering the UK the estimated times of delivery for each address can be calculated, so please be prepared (This can not be calculated before entering the UK as this depends on a lot of factors) Depending on which Transport company are delivering a Facebook or WhatsApp group chat is set up, so you can keep up to date with what’s happening. We will guide you through this and if you don’t have either we will contact you directly and keep you updated. When they arrive, you will need a lead in order to collect your dog.

PLEASE NOTE: Your dog may be anxious upon arrival and may want to spend some time outside after their long Journey – this is very common and will likely only last until they settle in and find their crate or bed is their safe space. Please give them a chance to do so. It can take up to 3 days to decompress – During this period the dog may be anxious and unsettled. Please give them time to settle in and get comfortable in their own time and their own way. It is a good idea to prepare a place for them where they can feel safe. A crate always works well, they have a place they can go and learn very quickly that this is their sleep and rest area. Majority of our Pups and some older will be used to sleeping in crates, which are covered at night with a light sheet. It also offers you and the pup security and piece of mind when you need to leave the dog alone. Below are our new arrivals and the wonderful array of beds, they all seem very pleased. Please ensure they have a bowl of water available, night time food and snacks are not advised.

FEEDING – All our dogs and puppies are fed good quality complete dry Biscuit and on occasion may have a treat of a boil up, such as pumpkin and pasta or rice and a table spoon of minced chicken (from the pet store). Did you know that pumpkins are a natural worm treatment?. There is very little our dogs will not like to be given, this should be introduced slowly and in moderation as any sudden change in diet may upset their tummies.
Adult dogs are fed their main meal in the morning and a bedtime snack. But many owners like to feed morning and evening before their walk. You will over the coming weeks get into a routine that works for you and the dog. A good way to bond with your dog is to offer food- dry biscuit from the palm of your hand, this is a trust building exercise that we do with all new arrivals. They may turn away and decline to begin with and that’s ok, go back and do the same again until they take it. Once they have accepted food from your hand you can feed normally from a bowl.
The puppies are fed morning and evening, but we also ensure there is biscuits and water available throughout the day to graze on.
They may not eat well for the first few days, please don’t worry it is perfectly normal. They may have loose poo for a while also, this is generally due to a nervous tummy and it will usually pass. Please moderate the food intake and do not provide them with an overload of treats. Royal Canin Sensitive dry complete food is full of probiotics and natural tummy settling ingredients, we recommend this for the puppies during the first week and then begin mixing in a cheaper complete biscuit.

Lead Training, please take your time, some take to it easily, while for others they drop to
their knees, patience and persistence is the answer, there are lots of great videos with
advice tips and tricks. Walking it is advised on a lead until you are confident that your dog will come when called. A box of dog treats and a few days at home or in the garden of repeating the call with a treat usually sorts this quickly. But not too many, what goes in must come out. A tiny piece of cheese or bread also works well as an incentive during training. When walking out on the lead for the first time, consider that this environment will be new, they are not used to busy traffic and main roads, so be patient and give yourself and the dog plenty of time to become accustomed to this when you first go out. Below are some videos sent to us from adopters.

Dog Classes
Dog classes are a great way to build your bond with your dog and learn some simple
techniques which will benefit you and your dog and it’s great fun. Patience and routine is everything to a dog, remember to verbally reward and praise for all good behaviour, never shout, scald or physically smack your dog. There are many online tutorials and tips for training, try them out and enjoy your wonderful new friend.

They are thoroughly checked and certified before departure and given a clean bill of
health and therefore a vet check is not required unless you see particular symptoms of
illness. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or need any advice. The vaccines will be up to date and the dates of renewal are in their passport.
Any medication that the Vet has prescribed pre departure will travel with your dog and the boxes will be marked with their name and daily dosage and all courses of medication should be fully completed by you please. Of course we will have discussed this with you prior departure.

Your dog’s microchip may require a new registration with your details upon their arrival to your home. Thankfully this is a relatively easy and inexpensive process which can be done online with a number of companies, here is one I know adopters have used, simply follow the instructions and check your details are correct.

Your dog will also have received wormer and flea treatment before departure – the
relevant dates can be found in your dog’s passport. Along with all other vaccination dates. Neutering dates and their 4D Test results.

Kennel Cough Vaccination is optional. If you intended to use a day care Centre then it may be a requirement. We can organize for it to be done here before your Puppy- Dog Travels if you wish. The cost is £35 and payment can be made separately or when you complete the adoption agreement and Payment for your pets adoption.

This is a blood test that checks for four common diseases in dogs all of which are commonly test for, as prevention is better than cure: Heartworm, plus three tick-borne diseases. Every dog is Tested prior to departure. Many vets advice it as a routine test yearly, Especially if your dog is out in forests and shrub land.

  • Heartworms come from mosquitos
  • Lyme disease is probably the most infamous tick-borne disease
  • Ehrlichia is another tick-borne disease 
  • Anaplasma is very similar in presentation to Ehrlichia 

All very treatable with 30 days of antibiotics. Supplied or completed before travel.

Finally, we would like to send you a huge thank you for choosing one of our beautiful furry friends. With your support we can continue our work to help many others who need us. Please tell your family and friends about us and encourage them to support us and to remember the dog that is unable to be sent to a new home and will stay with us forever, they also should not be forgotten. This can be done through our website donation page. Please remember to send us photos and videos of your lovely new friends, the memories and joys that we have been privileged to share with them will always remain in our heads and our hearts. We couldn’t do any of this without you amazing adopters xx
Best regards and thank you
Marie , Sue and Lou and all residents of Precious Paws Provadyia Foundation