Radicus – rosie – Blackpool

Radicus has a new name and a wonderful new home with lovely Caroline. Caroline sent us an email update just a week after arrival-Rosie has settled in extremely well, you would think she has lived here forever. Loves her new bed, but likes a cuddle in my bed before she settles in her own bed for the night. Very greedy, has eaten everything up. And is always looking for more, but I don’t want her to get fat! Yesterday the TV engineer came to repair my network, and I made him a drink and two chocolate digestive biscuits which he didn’t eat, I went to the front door to see him out, when I came back the biscuits had gone, guess who ate them!  I will have to watch her as she has given the game away, she is a little thief, but I still love her, but chocolate is not good for dogs! She is still confined to the back garden and back of the house, as I want to get her used to the traffic at the front slowly.  She has found her bark, and is guarding me very well, when something alerts her.  We are becoming good friends, and she is responding to her name, but her little character can be a bit stubborn at times, when she doesn’t want to do something she just rolls over at looks at me in a loving way. We haven’t been outside the confines of the property yet because I want her to be really ready to meet the world, and not be frightened. She already knows where her biscuits and treats are kept, it is always a race to the kitchen!  She follows me everywhere like my shadow. Hope you are all OK and not working too hard, although that is impossible in your dedication to the dogs, but take care.

Love to all Caroline and Rosie