“The knight watchman” a loyal dog

Knight arrived at the shelter as a young karakachan dog almost 12 years ago.He was uncomfortable and unhappy being in the house and always chose to be outside.Over the years and as the shelter grew in to what is today he decided that he would guard the main gate all night.He stays there no matter what the weather is snow,rain or summer evenings. Marie would often find him happily covered in snow in the morning,wagging his tail knowing it is breakfast and then bedtime for him.He has a special kennel,in a quiet place with a lovely big cozy bed where he can ignore all the young dogs playing.He has the freedom of the large exercise area and can go to his bed at anytime but still continues to take his role in over seeing the safety of his area.”Knight” will always be with us and he would love your support to supply his breakfast and renew his huge cozy bed !.

The Karakachan is a giant breed and one of the lesser known dogs around. They were originally bred as working dogs in Bulgaria and proved themselves to be extremely good at their jobs. However, when well socialised these dogs are true gentle giants although they always tend to be wary of strangers simply because being protective is so deeply embedded in their nature. Although the Karakachan is not recognised as a pure breed by the Kennel Club, they are registered with the Dog Registry of America and as guard dogs in their native Bulgaria.