Tigger 4 month old pup


Tigger has been adopted and will Travel to her new home in May. Tigger is a little girl 4 months old, 1 of a litter of 5. Ready to Travel in May We think she is going to be a medium size dog, We do not have any details about mum as the litter were found alone outside during the cold snap and were taken in and then drop at our local vets. However there is similarity to the Polar express Litter that went to the UK in February. In that case mum was a golden retriever looking dog (Goldie) with a mix of Husky or Sheep dog. These are Smaller in size than the Polars were at this age (photos of all can be seen on the good news page with new owners). Watch the video to find out more.

polo – adopted by annabelle and bear
Minty rescue puppy is well settled
Floss rescue puppy
Goldie Labrador mix